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July 3, 2006
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Impossible LOV3 ver.3 by Bluefley Impossible LOV3 ver.3 by Bluefley
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here is a link to the evolution of the piece over time! :…

Make up the background story as you please, I erased mine I think it's better everybody sees their own story in this.

Update will come eventually, but not anytime soon ;) I wouldn't wait for it!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2006-07-09
Impossible LOV3 by *Bluefley is one of many images from a talented gallery. The emotions in this one are so raw and powerful, making it a truly special painting worth studying. ( Suggested by Lady-Jonia and Featured by Aeires )
what program did you use to paint  this?
zhagadoe 18 hours ago  New member Professional Digital Artist
This is awesome. The more you look, the more imagination.!!
Wow, the gaping mouth and the way the jaw just hangs open is such a contrast to the tearful girl. I can almost imagine her lips trembling in grief. The red glare of the cyborg's eye and her soft blue eyes is also a lovely contrast. Her hands hold the cyborg's head so tenderly...So many things going on here! Absolutely beautiful :heart:
Osaki-Suzuki 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
I think that the girl fell in love with a man who was eventually taken to be experimented on by the military. They turned him into a cyborg with hardly any emotions at all left and she went looking for him. Eventually, she found him and the scene in the painting happend.

The girl ran up to a group of cyborgs, finally after years of searching finding the one that was hers.  Tears welled up in her already watery blue eyes, eyeliner running down her face in twin tracks over her cheeks. She stood there as the cyborg turned around and gave her a stare that was all hers and at the same time, blank and gone. An eternity passed in a second, the cyborg staring at her with its empty gaze, not realizing who she was, or what she represented. Her eyes clouded over with joy, and grief, she reached up with her two pale hands to grasp his cold metal face. 
"What have they done to you?" The voice speaking was broken, fragile and a wisp of tender love. The cyborg responded by unhinging its jaw, roaring loudly in her face. Another eternity passed, a knowledge that all was lost slipping into the folds of her mind where logic failed to discover. She let go, more tears smearing the war paint on her face, and backed away, leaving the shreads of her past behind with the cold metal that is no more.
alexus0977 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
this is very popular in YouTube =D
abslikechicken 2 days ago  New member Student General Artist
They're underwater? Good catch TimFelt ;). Anyways, the girl and the cyborg are beautifully drawn, I think, but I also like that this story gives people something to think about, and nobody seems to have the same interpretation--this is what made the Mona Lisa famous, and I think this could get pretty famous too. :)

My interpretation is that this girl once fell in love with a handsome, kind young soldier, but then the last she heard from him was that he went off to war or something, then one day she went scuba diving, discovered a sunken spaceship, and what she found inside was this cyborg's face, and she recognized it as the young soldier's, hence the tears, but also because she's piecing together that his handsome face was mutilated in battle, and to preserve it he became a cyborg, but somebody cut off his head (Some people are saying this is a cyborg that is angry at her and alive, but if you ask me the head looks like it's hanging off a wall, not connected to anything.) and left it hanging on the wall in the spaceship. 

Whatever the story is, I'm sure it's awesome, but I like not knowing what it is, it makes this art piece seem better. :)
EvilPigPowers 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was thinking a similar story as yours. The only difference is that in my story she's the one that's making this android/robot of a past love of her's. The eyes on the head are lit up and so it seems that she got it to work at this point (even though it's only a head). And the reason that she's crying is for two reasons:
1) She knows that with the progress she's made so far to rebuild her love that she can complete this. Almost happy tears.
2) She knows that even once this is complete that it's not going to be the same. She may be able to create this artificial body, but she'll never be able to recreate his emotions, feelings, and memories. Crying cause she's wondering if there's even a point in continuing this project.
All these mixed emotions are causing her to be an emotional wreck on the inside and it's starting to show through her tears. That's just my take on it. But I agree with you in that it's better not knowing and hearing the interpretations of others. :)
Ladylollypop 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nothing is imposable
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