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I'll let the video do the talking :)

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Click the image to check out our new competition for the month of October! All details inside. Would love to see you there... if you're up for the challenge!

And don't forget, the new website is in beta until December 14th and during that time, when you sign up, we give you $5 to spend when we launch! Don't miss the boat :)

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After a little over a year working on this, I can now say that we are ready to announce a launch date for our marketplace site for artists! is like Amazon for everything CG - tutorials, brushes, 3D models, animations, rigs, textures, etc.

If you have awesome content to sell, this is the place.

If you are looking for tutorials or content to help you with a project, this is the place.

In 6 weeks the doors will open and I really hope you check it out :) DeviantArt has helped me tons with my career so hopefully I can now help tons of other artists with theirs via Cubebrush.

-marc <3
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Click the image to check out our new competition for the month of October! All details inside. Would love to see you there... if you're up for the challenge!

Also, here's a new speed painting in case you missed the video:

And don't forget, the new website is in beta and during that time, when you sign up, we give you $5 to spend when we launch! Don't miss the boat :)

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Hey guys, here's a free 30min chapter from the 3hour long tutorial on Simple Female Figure

Also, don't forget to grab your $5 by simply signing up to before we launch!

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Hey guys, here's a new painting time-lapse showing my process when creating (female) characters.

I'm also sharing my new tutorial on "
Simple Female Figure" where you'll get 3 hours of condensed content distilled from my 10 years as a character artist in the video game industry - should allow you to progress much faster!

Here's the intro:

Thanks for the support!

Don't forget you get your $5 (up to $100 with referrals) here and be the first to know when launches :)Redeem $5

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*update* added video below!

As some of you might know, my company ( and I are working on a huge platform for digital artists - a sort of Amazon for digital art resources.

I thought I would take it to DA to let you know the pretty cool promotion we have going on for early subscribers!

When you sign up for the site (which takes 2 seconds and is entirely free) we give you $5 in store credit with the possibility to make up to $100 if you can get your friends to join the party as well.

We are working extremely hard to get the platform to the public and we are only a few months away at most. It's super exciting and we hope you join in on the fun, you'll be the first to know when we open our doors!

Don't hesitate to share your code in your journal to get that referrals count up ;)

Here's a video explaining the feature in more details!

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Hey guys!

Happy Monday! Today I have something pretty cool for you! Almost an hour of content from my paid tutorial - for free :D

Watch both chapters below and if you like it, you can support me by purchasing the whole 2h40 tutorial here, pretty cheap and you can download AND stream it on any device.



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Hey guys! It's been way too long so here's a new time-lapse showing the creation of 3 fantasy concepts taken from my last tutorial.

I hope to be able to do a real speed-paint soon, miss it too much. Super busy launching 

You can also check out my latest tutorial here, one of my favorite so far :D

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Hi everyone! I'm super excited to announce our biggest art competition yet, this time with over $1000 USD in prizes!

Click the image below to jump to the real competition page!

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Hey guys's here's a full 20min chapter from the latest lesson on for your viewing pleasure :)

Hope you like it! Don't hesitate to check out the full lesson HERE, much more cool stuff in there!

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Hey guys, here's the trailer for the latest tutorial on! Will be adding the speedpaint video to this journal soon, hope you check it out!

Spent a lot of love and time on this, possibly my best yet :)


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*Edit* Updated campaign link and cancelled the previous one, target was set to default and was a bit too high. This one for sure will get printed, already reached the goal ;)

Hey guys!! Just wanted to share the link to our Teespring campaign :D

Show your support for independent creative professionals by getting an official Cubebrush shirt!

We made those available at cost so they are as cheap as they get, just gotta reserve 25 (as of now) more and we're a "go" for production :)

Help us spread the word! Thanks for the support!

*click me*

Like I mentioned on facebook, if you end up getting a shirt, it would be super awesome if you tagged @cubebrush on twitter, facebook or instagram with a photo of you wearing it :D

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Free chapter from the "Painting Character Portraits" tutorial on :)

Happy Monday!

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Hey guys, just a heads up to let you know the April competition is now live over at!

Hope to see you there :D

Welcome to CUBEBRUSH’s April competition for both 2D and 3D artists!

As usual, a panel of industry pros will be judging the entries to determine the champions in each league.

With that said, let’s get started!


Create a character in either the 2D or 3D category(for 3D, a textured sculpt is more than enough, no need to be game engine friendly, can be touched-up in Photoshop) using the following guide-lines:

  • Design a fantastical black and/or white knight
  • Male or female
  • Any genre!
  • Full body (can’t be just a bust)

As you can see this opens up for a wide variety of characters, you have a full month so make it awesome!

You will be judged on:

  • Technical skills (anatomy, pose, colors, composition, perspective , etc)
  • Design (does it look interesting?)
  • Creativity (how well you deal with the guidelines)
  • Overall appeal (wow factor)


Winning entries for 2D and 3D in all 3 leagues will be featured on all of cubebrush’s social media sites and given a special critique.

First place winners will also get one of these  as well as a custom forum title! This is a monthly winner’s badge that will go on your profile if you win. This way everybody will know you are a badass.  


The deadline is April 25th at 11h59 PST

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Hey guys, quick journal to announce my latest tutorial for You can see the trailer here, and below, the time-lapse as a bonus :)

Have a great week!
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Hello peeps! Since October, myself and a small team of web developers have been hard at work on a new website where users will be able to sell digital content or browse for art-resources that they might need.

It was heavily inspired by websites like Etsy and Gumroad where a lot of artists are selling products they create and making a living doing so. Our marketplace will feature content specially for artists such as tutorials, brushes, textures, 3D models and much more. It will be amazing if I may say so myself :)

We are a few weeks away from our initial release and I wanted to let you know what URL to use to reach the new site! 

You may be familiar with which is our current site and will remain live for now. The new website address that we call for now cubebrush 2.0 will be until we decide to merge the two.

Here it is for now, make sure you subscribe to be notified the second we go live! We're trying our best to build an incredible platform for the art community so any help sharing this would be awesome! 

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Hi guys! I did a tutorial series for recently and here's 2 videos from it :)

If you do end up getting the full lesson, let me know what you think! Spent a lot of time and love into this <3

Hey guys! Here's a new speedpaint I did for the latest lesson on - Introduction To Speedpainting  (…)

Hope you like :)

Hey guys, happy Friday! Here's my review of the monster, as promised! :D