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Hi guys! I did a tutorial series for recently and here's 2 videos from it :)

If you do end up getting the full lesson, let me know what you think! Spent a lot of time and love into this <3

Hey guys! Here's a new speedpaint I did for the latest lesson on - Introduction To Speedpainting  (…)

Hope you like :)

Hey guys, happy Friday! Here's my review of the monster, as promised! :D

Hi guys! I just got this monster in the mail recently and did an unboxing video in case you're curious! Full video review coming soon!

Here's a free chapter from our latest lesson over at, 40 minutes of pure ZBrush magic!

Hope you guys like it! 

And the trailer to get an idea for the whole thing :) 

Hey guys!

Just a quick weekend update! Here's a full chapter from the Getting Started With Digital Painting tutorial series

Hi guys! Not that I don't have any ideas for future tutorials, I could produce content for another 4-5 years without a problem but I was wondering if there was anything you guys might want to see that I've never done before or haven't thought about?

Hit me up with those ideas if you have any!

Hey guys and happy New Year 2015!

Here's the time-lapse version of the latest lesson I did for - 

You can check out the full lesson on how to get started with digital art here for the full length version with commentary, brushes, exercises and much more!…


Added the Intro for the full lesson so you know what its all about ;)

Hey guys, here's the sped up video from my last painting, hope you like!

Also, make you you check out deviantart's own arvalis (RJ Palmer) and the awesome lesson he made for us at!!

Have a great weekend!!
Hey guys! it's been a while! Been super busy with some really exciting stuff but that will come later!

For now, here's a tutorial on how to colorize a greyscale painting using gradient maps, something I do quite often!

Hope you like it :D

*Update - added the last two!

Hey guys! Here are the critique sessions for the winner of the October competition over at

To get things started, below you have the Bronze and Silver league winners. Next ones will be added tomorrow!

Let me know what you think!

Hey guys!! My good friend Fausto De Martini just did an awesome tutorial on Photobashing for us at

Make sure you check it out, it's his first ever online tutorial and you will literally be learning from one of the top artist in the industry today. We're extremely lucky to have him and it's an honor to be the first ones to share his crazy techniques with everyone!
Hi Guys, here is my latest video in case you missed it, talking about a topic overlooked by too many!

Hope you like it!

And here is the trailer for our latest tutorial on

*update, added the last one!*

Here are some forum critique sessions!

Here are the first 2! I will update the journal as they come online :)

Hey peeps! It's a new month and it marks the start of a new art competition over at

Come over and compare your skills with a growing art family and get a chance to win some cool stuff!…

Welcome to CUBEBRUSH’s October competition for both 2D and 3D artists!

For this month, a panel of industry pros will be judging the entries to determine the champions in each league.

With that said, let’s get to it!


Create a character in either the 2D or 3D category(for 3D, a textured sculpt is more than enough, no need to be game engine friendly, can be touched-up in Photoshop) using the following guide-lines:

  • Create a zombie lord character, proud ruler of all zombies!
  • Any genre!
  • Can be humanoid, beast, ethereal, anything goes!
  • Full body (can’t be just a bust)
  • Can be Lord or Lady

As you can see this opens up for a wide variety of characters, you have a full month so make it awesome!

You will be judged on:

  • Technical skills (anatomy, pose, colors, composition, perspective , etc)
  • Design (does it look interesting?)
  • Creativity (how well you deal with the guidelines)
  • Overall appeal (wow factor)


Winning entries for 2D and 3D in all 3 leagues will be featured and critiqued in a special YouTube video. More prizes coming up in the following months!

This time around you will also get one of these  ! This is a monthly winner’s badge that will go on your profile if you win. This way everybody will know you are a badass.  We are introducing badges in beta 2 and it should be rolling out sometimes soon!


The deadline is October 25th at 11h59 PST

Notes – Please make sure you read the rules for the monthly competitions, each entry should have its own thread named accordingly with some progress shots included.

Let the competition begin!

Hello! Our monthly competition just wrapped up and another one will be announced later today. For now, check out the amazing entries who placed at the top, some incredible art in there!!

If you feel like you could do better, then join us for October! OhohoHHhh

September Competition Results

In case you missed it, here is a tutorial on how to draw feet:

Hey guys! We just ended our first ever monthly competition over at and voting is underway!

You have until the 30th to cast your votes if you feel like checking out the community!

Members enter in one of 3 different leagues, based on their skill level and compete in there as if it were a completely separate forum. Once they feel like they've improved enough, they are free to level up one league and go against a new batch of artists.

Some stunning work in there, speechless!

BRONZE League Voting

SILVER League Voting 

GOLD League Voting 

...and bonus, here is the trailer for our latest Master Lesson, you get access to it as well as the rest of the library as a Pro member, cheap cheap! :D:happybounce: 

Here is this week's video! Talking about composition and colors :)

Make sure you check out the first part also if you haven't already!

It has now been over 10 years since I first decided to join deviantART and little did I know then, this decision would end up forging my entire life and career.

I wish I remembered exactly how it all started, but I'm going to go with my best guess and say I heard about it from another student when I started college back when I had just turned 18. Up until then I had been using various art forums such as,, and so the discovery of a portfolio website was a pretty cool thing.

I started posting on here and got moderate attention, I had been drawing for a long time at that point so my art was in a state where it was at least interesting to look at. If anything it was a fantastic place to get inspiration and look at art from amazingly talented artists.

It wasn't until I decided to color the line-art for the following piece that everything really started. 

Impossible LOV3 ver.3 by Bluefley

Initially not much happened, I got a a litle over a hundred favs on it which was already a bit above average for my deviations back then.  What changed everything was when it won daily deviation, my first at the time. The traffic that followed was similar to winning the lottery for me. It was nothing like I ever saw before and I couldn't believe my eyes. Back then I was posting a few pieces a month but it's really after the Daily Deviation traffic that I decided I wouldn't let the momentum die off and started to post a new polished painting at least once a week. The amount of time I spent painting was ridiculous but it was fun and with every painting I was getting a bit more favorites than the previous; it made me want to keep going and see how far it could go.

I started to get commission requests and figured I might as well do that while still in school to make some money rather than work at a shitty job. The requests kept coming and I also took on comic book coloring jobs at the same time. For a student, I was making bank doing what I loved; this was perfect.

-Warrior in a blue dress- by Bluefley -Breezy Sunday- by Bluefley

It only took a few weeks until I started to get interview requests from various unknown art sites and then bigger ones... and then really big ones.

A few months after that and tons of paintings later, I got contacted by ImagineFX, what was at the time the ultimate goal for any artist. I did a workshop for them and to this day I still question the decision of the editor to hire me for that job considering the final result, but at the same time I couldn't be more grateful.

-First Snow- by Bluefley

It was only shortly after the workshop that I was approached by an art director from A2M (now Behavior Interactive) in Montreal, a mostly portable-games studio who had just formed a small team to work on a next-gen game project.

Back then I was almost 20 and was still in school, but they offered me a part-time position where I would work 20 hours a week from home, and only come in to the office on Fridays to check in. This was a perfect fit for my student life and while completely unexpected, my video-game art career had just taken off, just like that.

This was my art test by the way, still no idea how this got me a job:

Speed Prince by Bluefley

I worked part time like this for 6 months and then decided to drop out of school and work full time on the team. I was essentially going to school to get the job I already had. I came to realize that getting the piece of paper to prove I finished school meant absolutely nothing in this business and I was learning MUCH more by actually doing the job than studying at school.

That moment when I just walked out the school's main entrance, looked back and told myself I would never come back was to this day, one of the most exhilarating moments of my life.

I had just turned 20 and I was a full-time concept artist for a game company. I never expected to go in games initially since doing illustrations was going so well, but now I could do both full time so it kind of just happened and there I was, a game developer.

Fast forward 6 months and I was now both a concept artist but also transitioned to being a 3D character artist. My coworkers basically taught me everything a 3D artist needed to know since they knew I had an interest in it. I started to deliver decent game assets pretty quickly so they kept giving me 3D-related tasks.  I could do both the things I liked the most so I was pretty happy. I had just bought a new house and when I was about to reach my 2 year mark working at A2M, I got an email that literally changed my life:

Hello Marc,

My name is XXXX and I am the Art Recruiter here at Blizzard Entertainment.  I have stopped by your Deviantart page and would love to see if you would be open to exploring a role here at Blizzard Entertainment. 

I couldn't believe my eyes.

All my life I had dreamed of one day working at Blizzard and there it was in my email inbox, an email ASKING ME if I would like to work there. I showed it to my buddies, "holy shit" and we just went to have a drink right there on the spot. We got back from lunch pretty late that day! The decision, while scary, was easy to make. I left everything behind and went for it. 

Almost 6 years later here I am working at Blizzard and founder of another awesome art community over at, living in California with my fiance, our young daughter, our dog and our soon-to-be-born son. I still can't believe all of that was thanks to a decision I made to start a portfolio 10 years ago here on DeviantART.

I couldn't be more thankful for everybody who made this journey with me throughout the years, to all of you who inspired me with your art, to all my fans who made all of that possible by sharing my paintings and showing continuous support all this time and finally, to DeviantART, who made me the artist I am today.

DeviantART provided me the racetrack, I built the car and you guys were the fuel to get me to the finish line.

Thank you.

I hope you guys found this interesting, this is the first time I've gone into such details about my life but I thought it was a perfect opportunity given it's DA's bday today. Love y'all, PCE!

Here is the first piece I did after moving to the US as a bonus to end this massive journal entry.

-Blanche- by Bluefley