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Hey guys! I just started doing some more casual videos on YouTube to go along the rest I usually do, hopefully allowing me to post a lot more from now on!

Here are the first 2, let me know what you think or if you have any feedback/suggestions/anything, I'm all ears!

I'll be posting new ones in future journals as well :)


The art competitions are back at and the prizes $$$ have been upgraded!

Check all the details via the image below - come and participate!

Hi guys, lots happening recently, and I wanted to share here something I shared on Facebook last week, seemed like it was journal worthy ;) 

Also, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!!! 30 is a big one. SO much happened in the last 10 years, can't wait to see what happens in the next!

Anyways here's the Facebook post, if you've read it already just ignore this journal!  :)

Today is my last day at Blizzard Entertainment. Not only that but it's also my last day as a game developer after a 10+ year run in this wonderful industry.

Let’s pull back for a second and see how it all started. I was lured into this career at the tender age of 19 and went full force into it from the beginning. I was working in Montreal as an artist, improving like crazy and I was loving it. One day some time later, I received an email from then-recruiter Kenny asking me if I'd be interested in a position on this new team they were forming at my dream studio, Blizzard - I couldn't believe it.

I traveled to California on my own for the first time to meet the guys on the team and apparently did good enough at my interview that a short while later, I was a Blizzard employee… a real Blizzard artist, woah.

I left my parents’ house at 22 and moved to sunny OC, living on my own for the first time in my life, in a new country and a new job. I wasn't scared or nervous, I was SO EXCITED. There I met amazing artists from whom I tried my best to soak knowledge from and at the same time, made a ton of awesome friends along the way (you know who you are).

It's also there that I met this hot animator from the WoW team, Mai. I think we hit it off pretty good - we had a bunch of really good dates. Oh and we do have 2 kids together now, let's see how things go! <3 

Indirectly, Blizzard has provided me with so much that I'll always be thankful for the opportunity they gave me. I took that opportunity by the balls and built myself a dream career and life that I'm proud of.

That's the thing with dreams though... When you achieve them, you look for the next one, a bigger one. In my case, it was starting my own company: Cubebrush.

As hard and physically taxing as it was to be working full time, be a father and a husband and build a startup company - I never questioned it. It just seemed obvious that this was the next chapter of my life. I've missed a lot of sleep in these last few years but luckily, results started to show and man... what a feeling.

Just 2 weeks ago I decided to let my Blizzard family team know that I was leaving and while it's been one of the hardest decision I've had to make in my life so far, I'm thrilled to find out how this new chapter pans out. With my company growing and requiring more and more time, it was necessary for me to make the decision to dedicate everything to it.

I owe it to our users and to the hundreds of sellers making an extra income on the platform to fully assume my role as full time CEO and push even harder to keep growing and reach for the stars. For a long while now I’ve found my life purpose as someone who helps artists improve and make a better living, and I think I can best achieve that with Cubebrush. 

We have grandiose plans for the future and I could not be more excited and motivated to take you all along for the ride. It’s going to be a wild one!

Thanks for everything and farewell Blizzard.

Now let's get to work, Cubebrush!

In case you missed it :)

Hey guys! Cheers for the love about the YouTube channel :D I just uploaded the full stream I did while at Adobe France last week. Check out the 2 parts below.

First part is in French and lasts 1 hour, second in English lasts 2.

Hey guys, I'll let the video do the talking :D

Hi guys, here is this week's interview-with-a-rockstar :D

Happy Wednesday!
Hi guys, as promised, here is our latest interview that came out today with :iconikameka: !

Happy Monday!

Hi guys, we've been posting some awesome interviews on our blog over at so I thought I should start sharing them on here as well since there's usually a lot of great tips and insights from some industry-leading artists.


We've done quite a few already so I'll post a couple here. Future ones I'll just upload them here at the same time so you get them while they're hot fresh out of the oven ;)

Here are a few!

Let me know what you think and if I should post more?

Cheers guys!

Hi guys! Here's a new contender to the throne in the world of portable graphics tablet.

Check out my review!

This was from my recent tutorial you can find here:

Hey guys. Looking to be a game developer? This is for you. 

This was released a few weeks ago but now it's cheaper than ever!

This is my entire professional character creation workflow that I'm revealing here - 10 hours of content pus endless extras... hope you like it :D

Click the image below to watch a video preview of the tutorial series!

Would love to see what you create if you take the class! Post it in the comments!
Here it is guys! Review for the Artisul coming soon!

What do you think, is that a tablet you'd consider?

These two companies recently sent me their newest graphic tablet, let's see what in the boxes before I review them!

Last week we launched our new website and it's been nothing less than crazy.

All I'm going to say now is please go check it out and let me know what you think!

Below I'm posting the welcome blog post we posted on the site at launch.


Cubebrush Is Live!

Today is a good day.

We have been slow-cooking something for a long time now and we're ready to finally take it out of the oven.

Cubebrush opens its doors today. Our vision is simple at its core - push the art community forward and become a breeding ground of opportunities for artists. By building a platform that connects sellers and buyers of art resources such as tutorials, 3D assets, brushes, textures, and more, we take the first step of many towards that goal.


Cubebrush as a marketplace might be new for most of you, but it's been hundreds of days in the making for us. We are now starting a very different journey, one that is much less solitary with all of you by our side, but we also wanted to take this time to tell you our story up until now.

We've spent the last 4 years building channels to share art knowledge, creating the best community for artists to learn and grow and over a decade being professional artists ourselves. We've been on both sides of the counter as buyers & sellers of art resources and have shared in the joy of finding that right asset or awesome tutorial, but also in the frustration resulting from the disorganization of those other few existing marketplaces, and the impossible luck you need to find the right content when you need it.

As customers and sellers on our own platform, we will always strive for the best possible experience. And while this all started as a platform for ourselves, we realize now there are millions like us. We're starting a new thrilling chapter of our story with all of you today and we're thankful, and excited to share it with you.

The Marketplace

Letter to our sellers:

Creators of all things CG, we welcome you and promise to keep building and improving the best platform for you to sell on. We're proud of the stores we provide for you to sell your glorious content on without any shackles limiting your creativity. Once you are part of our family, we give you total freedom to upload, price and present your products. We're confident in our ability to keep evolving for the better so we have no exclusivity clauses - we think continuously fighting for your business is a much more constructive way to achieve that goal and make Cubebrush better for everybody. More than anything else however, we respect your craft and felt like giving you the best royalty split out there - 80% of every sales - was the best way to support that claim. The other 20% covers the transactional costs of the sale, goes towards supporting the growth of our platform, your community, and rewarding partners who help bring attention to your work. We've designed a beautifully simple storefront for you to use, and not without the option to customize it and make it your own. Awesome content requires equally awesome presentation and we'll continue to improve the ways you present your craft to the world.

Letter to buyers of digital resources:

Whether you're looking for assets to complete a project or trying to find learning resources to improve your art, we've built for you the simplest marketplace experience possible. We only approve the most eligible sellers which means better products for you to discover and less time browsing through pages and pages of irrelevant and low quality content. We help you find or discover great products that matter to you, all in one place. Once a purchase is made, we also give you your own personal library where you'll find all past purchases for easy download, generating invoices, or even stream any kind of video content, on any device - indefinitely.

Our Future

Our vision for the future goes beyond the marketplace and towards a larger platform artists can grow with - starting from their first sketch all the way to art mastery, making a living selling amazing resources from anywhere, and to anyone in the world.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to reach that point and we expect a ton of new features to come online almost weekly from now on. Cubebrush is in its infancy and as its legal guardian, we're compelled to see the platform grow bigger and better and we're excited for what's to come next.

Our team has been working hard to get to a point where the platform is ready to welcome all of you and we're very proud of what we're launching today. We thank you for all of your support and good vibes and we look forward to making our vision of the future a reality with you all.

We grab a fresh cup of coffee, sit back and celebrate the moment...

And we're back to work!

Hi guys! New tutorial out!! Happy Monday :D

This one is cheaper than a McDonald's meal, so hopefully everybody that wants it can get it! The price will go up soon though, don't miss out!

Hope I can find time to make another painting this year, but this is for sure the last big one, hope you guys like it. Will be posting full res tomorrow.

Pce! <3
I'll let the video do the talking :)

Click the image to check out our new competition for the month of October! All details inside. Would love to see you there... if you're up for the challenge!

And don't forget, the new website is in beta until December 14th and during that time, when you sign up, we give you $5 to spend when we launch! Don't miss the boat :)

After a little over a year working on this, I can now say that we are ready to announce a launch date for our marketplace site for artists! is like Amazon for everything CG - tutorials, brushes, 3D models, animations, rigs, textures, etc.

If you have awesome content to sell, this is the place.

If you are looking for tutorials or content to help you with a project, this is the place.

In 6 weeks the doors will open and I really hope you check it out :) DeviantArt has helped me tons with my career so hopefully I can now help tons of other artists with theirs via Cubebrush.

-marc <3

Click the image to check out our new competition for the month of October! All details inside. Would love to see you there... if you're up for the challenge!

Also, here's a new speed painting in case you missed the video:

And don't forget, the new website is in beta and during that time, when you sign up, we give you $5 to spend when we launch! Don't miss the boat :)