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Hey guys! Very excited to announce our new Master Lesson from concept designer Tom Paul over at

First is the trailer and second is the third chapter in full. The entire lesson is 15 chapters long and runs for 3h56min.

The full thing is not free but it's the cheapest videos of this quality you'll find anywhere online. Top quality stuff by top artists, nothing less.

Have a great week!

Hey guys, took a while to post these but here they are, the 2 videos for this week!

First one is a talk about the job of a concept artist and what its all about, plus tips on how to improve your designs and better self critique your work.

Second one if a time-lapse of the whole process including coloring, have a good weekend! :)


I was trying to get a different look in Photoshop using a 3D render as a base and I thought the result was pretty interesting. Here is a walk through!

Starts in ZBrush for the sculpt, then keyshot for render, then Photoshop for composition.

Hey guys! I recently launched one of our first master lessons on I felt like kicking things off but in the future there will be many other crazy artists showing off their process!

You can find the full lesson here:…

Here is the trailer for it and below, a full chapter from the series for you to check out, hope you like it!

Hey guys, new week, new tutorials!

In case you haven't already, go checkout CUBEBRUSH.COM and subscribe for free, lots of awesome free content on there plus an amazing community of artists :) 

Here's a overview:

*check the video overview below! :D

Herro! BIG news New New is LIVE!  

We've put so much work into this its a surreal feeling to finally see it online. It's been months and months of hard work and while there is still much to do to make sure it becomes THE destination for online art training, it's such a relief to finally put it out there for the public.

We did a big optimization pass this week and it should be running pretty smooth now, make sure you check it out and give me your feedback so I can relay it to the devs.

It'll be in beta for the next couple weeks to make sure we get as much feedback as possible and make it awesome for the users.

Again, don't hesitate to contact me with bugs and/or suggestions!!

We have an incredible line up of artists who are working on master lessons to come out in the coming months and we'll be constantly revealing what's coming up on our Youtube page.

Our first teacher is the AWESOME Sycra Yasin who did a full guide to Photoshop for digital artists, check it out!

Thanks for the support so far and we hope to see you on cubebrush!!

Hey guys! Super excited to say will go live THIS SATURDAY! La la la la La la la la La la la la 

Make sure you check out the website before then to get on the newsletter and get 2 months free full access. You don't have to subscribe at all to get most of the content, but the extra stuff you get is definitely worth it ;)

If you haven't already, make sure you follow the facebook page for ALL the info: Facebook Page

Some amazing stuff in store for you in the coming weeks, months, years :D

As a bonus, here are some renders from the male anatomy figure that will be available on the website for you to rotate around and study, in-browser, for free :)

He was of course modeled after me.
Here is an hour long painting I did in Verve to see if it could produce something decent in it... not bad! I really love the more traditional look. Always wished Photoshop had something like this. Still pretty tricky to work in Verve and it feels very limited still but for an alpha version its fucking awesome.

And if you missed it, here is an overview of the features you can find in Verve, a new GPU based painting program I discovered recently. The developer is working on it at the moment so it's still in early alpha, but still shaping out to be quite interesting :D

Hey guys, second video of the week is a talk on the topic of talent. :0

dun dun!

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?

(video might be processing, should be ready soon!)

Monday's video:

Hey guys, here is a new video on my process when designing sci-fi characters using zbrush. Give it a sec to process, its  afresh upload :)

In case you missed it on Monday, here is the previous video:


adding the speedpaint with a little bit extra footage in there, from start to finish. Happy Monday everybody!


In case you missed last week:

Hey guys!! Remember that poll a while ago? Well now its happening for real :D

Development on (name chosen by you guys!) has started and I invite you to follow the Facebook page for now until the soft launch in early June! We'll post updates on the development as it comes along and will try to keep you informed every step of the way.

I'll have something special for the early subscribers so make sure you don't miss the announcement concerning that on Facebook will be a website hosting a community, as well as free tutorial videos and resources for artists. We'll also have a very cheap but nonetheless paid membership where you'll have access to mentorship, master classes from various artists in the industry and many other awesome resources.

I'm super excited to see this coming along and even though I'm killing myself making sure the content is top shelf, I'm convinced you guys will love it and that keeps me going :D

Any help spreading the word would be immensely appreciated :hug:

That's all for today!

Stay tuned for more soon :D -marc
Hey guys! First video of the week is about my process when creating a character design specifically for video games.

Have a great Monday!

Also putting this one up in case you missed it!

Hey guys! First video of the week, as promisedpart 2 of the painting where I explain how I go about coloring it.

Posting this before zzZZZzzz and its done done processing as I type this, so give it a bit before you hit play or it wont work!

Happy Monday!!

Heyy guyss just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, while there was no way I could reply to all of them, I certainly read them all!

You guys are awesome :hug: 

Heart Heart Hug Hug Dance! Dance! 

Second news of the day: I updated my Youtube channel art AND name, yes name, to better match the art tutorial website I've been working on with a couple friends in the past months.

Anyways, I say everything that I can in this video, check it out!

And here is a tutorial on painting with values, hope you like!

Here is the first vid of the week! Hope you guys like it :0

My bro and fellow Blizzard artist Renaud :iconguntharf: who has been a long time user of deviant art finally added his stuff to his gallery after the mysterious demise of last week.

Make sure you check out his stuff and give him some love, he's awesome!


Hey guys!! Here are the videos for the week! First one is a speedpaint I did earlier this week, and the second is a narrated and longer version where I try to explain the whys and the whats of speedpainting.....poorly :D

Have a great weekend!

saayyyyyy wwwhaaaaaaat

I'm in Japan on vacation right now so I don't get to check in on my websites too much but I did just now and noticed I got a ... a  Deviousness award :0

:0 :0 ;0

It especially means a lot since I owe so much to DeviantArt. I can sincerely say I owe my career to this website, its thanks to them I've had job offers who led to me working in the video game industry at a pretty young age, thanks to them I've gotten magazines to notice me and commission workshops, thanks to them I was able to find smaller gigs early on and so much more. I've met awesome people here, constantly find new inspirations and best of all, am able to share with others my passion for art.

My life would be quite different without DeviantArt.


Here is a tutorial on shading while we're at it :D

Cheers from Kyoto!

Hey guys! Straight from Japan here so its gonna be quick, second part of my retrospective is live, check it out :D

Too late to type, will write something tomorrow, goodnight! zzZZzzzz

(dont forget to let it process, fresh upload!)