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Heyy guyss just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, while there was no way I could reply to all of them, I certainly read them all!

You guys are awesome :hug: 

Heart Heart Hug Hug Dance! Dance! 

Second news of the day: I updated my Youtube channel art AND name, yes name, to better match the art tutorial website I've been working on with a couple friends in the past months.

Anyways, I say everything that I can in this video, check it out!

And here is a tutorial on painting with values, hope you like!

Here is the first vid of the week! Hope you guys like it :0

My bro and fellow Blizzard artist Renaud :iconguntharf: who has been a long time user of deviant art finally added his stuff to his gallery after the mysterious demise of last week.

Make sure you check out his stuff and give him some love, he's awesome!


Hey guys!! Here are the videos for the week! First one is a speedpaint I did earlier this week, and the second is a narrated and longer version where I try to explain the whys and the whats of speedpainting.....poorly :D

Have a great weekend!

saayyyyyy wwwhaaaaaaat

I'm in Japan on vacation right now so I don't get to check in on my websites too much but I did just now and noticed I got a ... a  Deviousness award :0

:0 :0 ;0

It especially means a lot since I owe so much to DeviantArt. I can sincerely say I owe my career to this website, its thanks to them I've had job offers who led to me working in the video game industry at a pretty young age, thanks to them I've gotten magazines to notice me and commission workshops, thanks to them I was able to find smaller gigs early on and so much more. I've met awesome people here, constantly find new inspirations and best of all, am able to share with others my passion for art.

My life would be quite different without DeviantArt.


Here is a tutorial on shading while we're at it :D

Cheers from Kyoto!

Hey guys! Straight from Japan here so its gonna be quick, second part of my retrospective is live, check it out :D

Too late to type, will write something tomorrow, goodnight! zzZZzzzz

(dont forget to let it process, fresh upload!)
Here's part 2 of the workshop! Should be up and running on Youtube by now. In this part I talk about design mostly, but I also have a bit of speedpaint at the end to finish this painting.

And if you missed it: were kind enough to feature me on their website and this is the link to the interview, feel free to check it out :)…
Hey guys! New video this week and this one is a bit longer, covering my thought process when creating a new sci-fi scene.

Its fast forwarded 2x so the total time for this was around an hour.

Let me know what you think/what I missed and should talk about next time etc. It just feels like me blabbering non-sense... hopefully some find it helpful :0

*make sure you give it a sec to process, freshly uploaded :)*

Harro harro!

 I have a new workshop for you guys! Nothing super fancy but those are the things I think about when I paint so here they are, sharing is caring right? :D 

Journal updated with the second part of the painting! Some sort of... wrestling robot? 


Hey guys! Super excited to share this on deviant art especially since most of the art in the video has been posted here at some point in the past, but I removed it out of shame over the years D:

SO if you wanna look at old art, click on that play button! :D

Hey guys!, I've received tons of messages asking for zBrush tutorials so here is the first one. I use this in some of my paintings quite a bit so maybe this will be of some help if you've never touched it before! Let me know :)

Streaming tomorrow (Saturday)

Fri Feb 7, 2014, 7:38 PM

I'll be a guess on Sycra's stream tommorow morning 11am PST!!

First time streaming, let see how much fail I can accomplish during the couple hours it'll be on. Hope to see you guys there!

Link to his channel is:

Aite going to get drunk for now, see you tomorrow aaahhhhh yeahhh.

Link to the stream!

If you want to chat, this is the link!

Heerrrooo! Second vid vid of the week is here!

Some chatty chatter about the game industry in here, check it out! Oh and the start of another painting :D

Speedpaint videos woooOoo!

Wed Jan 29, 2014, 6:48 AM


Replaced the second video with the part 2 for the first one, hope you like!

Hey guys here is my latest youtube video straight from my channel and below is the latest speedpaint I did in case you haven't seen the time-lapse.

 Hope you like!

How to improve your color shading!

Tue Jan 21, 2014, 9:12 PM

What up guys! I'll have another painting up later this week but for now, here is another color tutorial, hope this helps some of you :)

2x Painting Videos

Fri Jan 17, 2014, 4:56 PM

For those of you who haven't seen those yet, I'll put them on here until I update with next weeks video! Feel free to share them if you think this can help someone you know :D

Have a great weekend guys!

Tutorial - How to Paint Ears

Mon Jan 6, 2014, 4:34 AM

Whats up guys, first vid of the year is going to be...... AWWWWW YYYEEAAHHH how to draw ears!! lol

Here it is, let me know if you have any question!


Happy New Year!!!

Wed Jan 1, 2014, 3:36 PM

2013 was a pretty awesome year for me and I hope it was the same for you guys!!  On to 2014! Let's make sure we make it awesome :)